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soooooo… i gotta say this game is really jumping though the roof of my expectations for a game that completely went under my radar. the story is well thought out and the gameplay while at a slower 30 FPS really make you feel the impact of dante’s attacks. One thing that really threw me off the trail of this game was the developer who seemed to give a half-assed effort about the game and the style and only wanted to match it to his own tastes. the Devil trigger i wish was more thought out tho as just throwing the enemies in the air seems half-assed. The music really fits the mood of the game and is probably some of my favorite music to fight to. I will add tho that if your a vet to the DMC series your gonna want to play on the nephlim difficulty first, as it was the one that made me feel like this was a DMC game, altho i look forward to unlocking the harder difficulties because the enemies feel a little slow to me, don’t get me wrong you let your guard down and you’ll get your assed kicked but still the enemies don’t seem to use group tactics in large enough numbers it’s always around 2-3 engaging you at once. One of my few complaints is the game sometimes gets script heavy so you’ll have to walk with an AI for about a minute or so, the first time you don’t mind it but if you replay missions (which you will if your a completionist or just wanna raise your rank) it drags a little. overall this game is awesome and has a decent replay value so in my book this game is a buy!

[i’ll probably review Ni No Kumi: wrath of the white witch next, I’m so excited to play a game made by studio ghibli and level-5!]